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Proudly Serving Federal Healthcare

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Allied Joint Venture, Inc. is a joint venture between APS Technologies, Inc. and AMD, servicing DoD and Federally Funded Non-DoD customers on the ECAT platform. Implementation of this initiative complements the current DSCP Med/Surg Generation II Prime Vendor Program. This is a secondary tool for supplies not available through your Prime Vendor including low demand and contingency items.

The product catalog currently includes over 44,000 items available to both CONUS and OCONUS customers. Bringing you tomorrow's Supply Chain Solutions to you today by leveraging the latest in technology coupled with a robust medical surgical catalog of over 44,000 products and great service.

Some of the many services you can expect to receive at Allied Joint Venture are:

  • We accept orders 24 hours a day.
  • Order Confirmations at the line item level will be transmitted within 24 hours of order receipt.
  • Emergency Orders are acknowledged within 2 hours of receipt of order and delivered within 24 hours of order. (Customers are responsible for extra transportation charges. Fees will be negotiated between the customer and the vendor).
  • In Transit Visibility: Status will be indicated at the line item level.
  • Prices are FOB Destination – the price displayed in ECAT includes transportation costs for delivery to the purchasing activity or consignee.
  • Low Minimum Order Requirements: $250.00 for both CONUS and OCONUS Orders.
  • Custom Kits Assembly.
  • Quick Delivery:

• General Product Items CONUS within 15 Calendar Days of Order Confirmation.
• General Product Items OCONUS within 22 Calendar Days of Order Confirmation.
• Special Order Items / Customs Assembly are delivered as indicated on ECAT.